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Here is a rundown of where you can “find” or “friend” or “follow” me on Social Media:

My email list (via MailChimp) — a great way to stay informed about all my endeavors! Once every few months, I send out an update with all of my upcoming events, new books & writings, music releases, and so on. If you are primarily interested in my music, I have a separate *soft vowel sounds*/Bitesize email list for that.

Patreon — I am a “creator” there, which means that if you choose to support me (with monthly pledges for as little as $1 per month) you will get behind-the-scenes updates, plus access to some of my in-progress and unpublished writings, and the chance for rewards such as free e-books or signed copies of my books!

Twitter (@juliaserano)this is the social media platform that I use the most. So if you want to be privy to my day-to-day musings, this is where I typically post them. I have two additional Twitter accounts that I use less frequently: one for Kat Cataclysm (my fictional character) and one for *soft vowel sounds* (my current music project).

In the wake of a Musk-induced potential Twitter collapse, I have started posting semi-regularly at Mastodon (, Post (@juliaserano), and Tumblr (@juliaserano).

Facebook — I am less active on this platform, but if you “like” my Facebook writer page, you are more likely to receive my occasional posts there.

Instagram (@juliaserano) — I will sometimes post photos of my latest publications or events, or odd or interesting things I encounter, but I'm not very active there.

TikTok (@softvowelsounds) — I just joined and plan to post videos on a regular basis moving forward! Also, if you’re interested in videos, be sure to check out...

YouTube (@juliaserano) — if you SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel, you will get notifications every time I share a new video, including book readings, spoken word performances, music videos, and “explainers” on a variety of topics.

Medium (@juliaserano) — these days, if I have an article or essay that I want to get out into the world as quickly as possible, this is where I publish it. Follow and/or email subscribe to me there!

Bandcamp and Soundcloud — these are sites where you can listen to and/or buy my music (with Bandcamp being the far more comprehensive of the two). Those links will bring you to the corresponding pages for my now defunct noise-pop/indie-rock band Bitesize. I also have Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages for my current solo music project *soft vowel sounds*.

My blog (via Blogspot) — a mix of essays, updates about my writings/performances, and occasional personal thoughts.

Goodreads and Amazon — my author pages for these book-related sites. If you appreciate any of my books, PLEASE GIVE THEM GOOD REVIEWS THERE — it really helps with internet searches & recommendations!

ResearchGate and — sites where I post my academic/research papers. Relatedly, I also have a Google Scholar page.

LinkedIn — I have an account there, although I have discontinued using it. So please do not bother trying to connect with me there.

I also have accounts on WT.Social and CounterSocial, although I’m not sure if I’ll ever use them.

Email — if you want to contact me (e.g., about booking me for a talk/performance), this is the best way.

So that is it. If your favorite social media platform is not listed above, then I am probably not on it. Sorry...

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