[note: GenderEnders was a performance series that I (Julia Serano) organized and emceed from 2003 through 2006. While the show is no longer with us, I am keeping its website around for posterity's sake. So enjoy this web-based historical artifact!]

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San Francisco Says Goodbye to GenderEnders!

After three years running, the San Francisco-based trans/intersex/genderqueer-focused performance series GenderEnders will have its final show:

Friday, September 15th, 2006
at Femina Potens Gallery
465 South Van Ness @ 16th St
Mission District, San Francisco, CA
8pm, $5 cover, $3 for open mic performers

GenderEnders curator and host julia serano first created the series in 2003 in order to foster community among transgender-, intersex-, and genderqueer-identified performers and to provide opportunities for gender/sex variant voices to reach larger audiences. Now that the Bay Area’s burgeoning “trans” performance scene is going strong, with numerous trans-focused, trans-hosted, and trans-friendly events occurring every month, Serano has decided to retire the series in order to focus on a more trans woman-specific project early next year.

This final installment will feature the hilarious Ham-Bone Johnson, host of the several of the Three Dollar Bill Cafe’s Queer Open Mic Cindy Emch, and author of the upcoming book For Lack of a Better Word Thea Hillman. Host Julia Serano will also be reading a brief excerpt from her upcoming book Whipping Girl.

In addition to the featured performers, GenderEnders hosts a performance open mic. Attendees are encouraged to bring their announcements and their music, spoken word, stand-up comedy, performance art, or any other type of performance to the event.

GenderEnders was one of several events mention last year's San Francisco Chronicle article about the Bay Area's transgender performance scene! feel free to check out the article...

GenderEnders was created to foster community among transgendered, interesexed, and genderqueer performers, to provide opportunities for gender/sex variant voices to reach larger audiences and to raise awareness for various queer/trans/intersex/genderqueer causes.

GenderEnders has been involved in community building events like the First Annual Trans/Intersex/Genderqueer and Buddies Community Picnic and benefit shows such as the Bay Area Benefit for Camp Trans 2003. We also run a performance series which takes place the first Wednesday of every other month at Femina Potens.

If you want to learn more about GenderEnders, please check out the mission statement. If you have a specific question, you can contact me directly.

Thanks for listening! -julia

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