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GenderEnders is the brainchild of Julia Serano, an Oakland-based musician, spoken word artist, writer, and tranny-at-large!

You can find out more about my creative endevors at the following websites: - for my spoken word and writings - for my reckless weird-pop band Bitesize - for my coming-out pages

i am no longer accepting submissions (as the series has been discontinued), but if you want/need to contact me for some reason, I can be reached by email at

note: I have had problems lately with non-spam email messages being accidentally forwarded to my Bulk folder. So if you emailed me about something recently and I have not replied, chances are that's what happened. Please feel free to email me again - sorry for any inconvenience. Also, it would be extra-helpful if in the subject of the email, you used specific words (such as your organization, name of event, or even my name) to help me distinguish it from the hordes of spam that I get...thanks! -julia

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