welcome to the world of Kat Cataclysm: silly, surreal, sex-positive.

for the uninitiated:
Kat Cataclysm is quite a character: absurdist short fiction writer, aspiring faux novelist, failed linguist, recovering slam poet, wannabe stand-up comedian, and the not-so-pure invention of Julia Serano.

Kat Cataclysm is the narrator/protagonist of Julia’s debut novel, 99 Erics: a Kat Cataclysm faux novel, which is a humorous account of Kat’s experiences writing a book called 99 Erics, wherein she chronicles her experiences dating ninety-nine different people named Eric. It is more surreal than slutty. Not that there is anything wrong with slutty.

The book is largely comprised of humorous anecdotes from Kat’s dates with various Erics; satirical takes on relationships, sexual conventions, language, the writing process, book publishing, online media, and tech culture; and Kat’s smart yet silly digressions on a variety of topics, including bisexuality, ethical non-monogamy, the distorted nature of memories, hipsters, sex toys, sabermetrics, emotional labor, trendy restaurants, Freudian slips, banana slug mating practices, lucid dreaming, and the internet of things, to name but a few. These more fanciful passages are seamlessly interwoven with more serious and mundane matters, such as navigating the world as a woman and sexual minority, being an outcast who doesn’t really fit in, struggling to make ends meet, and reconciling one’s past with the present. The end result is a fun and fast read that tackles meaty subjects and contemporary issues along the way.

99 Erics was released in March 2020 on Switch Hitter Press. You can purchase 99 Erics right now (in paperback & ebook formats) at all the major online outlets (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes Books, etc.). The ebook is available in all formats (epub, mobi, pdf, etc.) at Smashwords — in fact, you can download the first 5 chapters for FREE via that link! Brick-and-mortar bookstores and libraries can order the book via Ingram — please encourage them to carry it! You can locate your local bookstores via IndieBound.

Several excerpts from the book will be released soon! In the meantime, you can watch this video of Julia reading an excerpt from the 99 Erics chapter “Posers”:

You can also listen to Julia reading an early excerpt from the chapter Publishers Clearing House (originally called “Poetry Slammed”). And three additional chapters (Eric Number One, Great Expectations, and Shopping Carts, Part One) are exclusively available to Julia’s Patreon supporters for the time being. More excerpts will be released upon publication!

General Surgery & Surgeons General: a Kat Cataclysm chapbook

Before there was 99 Erics, there was General Surgery and Surgeons General, released March, 2016 on Switch Hitter Press. This modest collection (about 40 pages) provides a potpourri of Kat’s absurdist short stories, slam poems, and whimsical musings, which touch upon and/or outright tackle diverse topics such as YA dystopian fiction, photosynthesis, the uncanny valley, temporal anomalies, Santa Claus, Prince’s song lyrics, malapropisms & paraprosdokians, and the trials and travails of the contemporary author.

Several pieces in this professionally hand-crafted modern-day chapbook are early incarnations of chapters that would eventually find their way into 99 Erics. But many others are novel, and some of them (including “Reddick’s Appendix,” “Uncanny,” “Stephanie’s Secret,” “Smells Like Teen Dystopia,” “Walks into a Bar Jokes for Nerds,” and “Mr. Prince”) — as well as the chapbook itself! — are alluded to or referenced throughout 99 Erics, making this a “must have” for anyone who enjoys uncovering such Easter eggs.

You can listen to readings of four of the chapters on YouTube:
For the time being, General Surgery & Surgeons General: a Kat Cataclysm chapbook is only available for purchase on Amazon.com. A complimentary PDF of the chapbook is also available to people who subscribe to Julia’s Patreon at the $5 tier or above...

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