welcome to the world of Kat Cataclysm

for the uninitiated:
Kat Cataclysm is quite a character: absurdist short fiction writer, aspiring faux novelist, failed linguist, recovering slam poet, wannabe stand-up comedian, and the not-so-pure invention of Julia Serano. In other words, as the French would say, she is a nom de plume. Except that the French don’t say “nom de plume,” they say “nom de guerre.” Which literally means “war name.” Although Kat has never fought in any wars. Nor would she want to.

Anyway, Kat Cataclysm writes humorous digressions about the writing process, armchair linguistics, sabermetrics, physical maladies, temporal anomalies, microcosms, paraprosdokians, bisexuality, ethical non-monogamy, lucid dreaming, and shopping carts. Sometimes she even performs her surreal yet silly musings.

Ms. Cataclysm has two book projects afoot:

1) General Surgery and Surgeons General (cover shown above) is a forty-something page professionally hand-crafted modern-day chapbook that has just been released via Switch Hitter Press. You can learn more about the book and/or listen to live readings of four chapters. The book can be purchased from: CreateSpace (which offers the best royalties for the author) or Amazon.com (where you can “Look Inside” the book by clicking on the cover).

2) 99 Erics will eventually be Kat’s first full-length book. It is a faux novel about the protagonist’s experiences writing a book about her supposed experiences dating ninety-nine different guys named Eric. It is more surreal than slutty. Not that there is anything wrong with slutty. If you want a preview of 99 Erics, we encourage you to check out the chapters “Eric Number One” and “Poetry Slammed”[audio link] in the aforementioned collection General Surgery and Surgeons General. You can also watch Julia read an excerpt of the chapter “Posers” thanks to the kind folks at Radar Productions (the piece begins around 3:10 into the video).

By the way, if you run a literary, spoken word, comedy, etc. event and are interested in having Kat Cataclysm read/perform from either of these two books (or her other works), feel free to contact her about it.

In the meantime, you can follow Kat’s musings and misadventures via her:

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