General Surgery & Surgeons General: a Kat Cataclysm chapbook

a brief description
General Surgery and Surgeons General (released March, 2016 on Switch Hitter Press) is a professionally hand-crafted modern-day chapbook introducing readers to the surreal, silly, sex-positive world of Kat Cataclysm. Or vice versa. This modest collection offers a potpourri of Kat’s absurdist short stories, slam poems, and whimsical musings, which touch upon and/or outright tackle diverse topics such as YA dystopian fiction, photosynthesis, mountain climbing, temporal anomalies, bisexuality, Santa Claus, Prince’s song lyrics, malapropisms & paraprosdokians, and the trials and travails of the contemporary author. As if that were not enough, General Surgery and Surgeons General also premieres several excerpt chapters from the forthcoming Kat Cataclysm debut novel 99 Erics.

the book can be purchased at:
  • CreateSpace (which offers the best royalties for the author)
  • (where you can “Look Inside” the book by clicking on the cover)
You can listen to readings of four of the chapters on YouTube:
And as always, you can follow Kat’s musings and misadventures via her:

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