General Surgery & Surgeons General: a Kat Cataclysm chapbook

a brief description
General Surgery and Surgeons General (released March, 2016 on Switch Hitter Press) is a professionally hand-crafted modern-day chapbook introducing readers to the surreal, silly, sex-positive world of Kat Cataclysm. Or vice versa. This modest collection offers a potpourri of Kat’s absurdist short stories, slam poems, and whimsical musings, which touch upon and/or outright tackle diverse topics such as YA dystopian fiction, photosynthesis, the uncanny valley, temporal anomalies, Santa Claus, Prince’s song lyrics, malapropisms & paraprosdokians, and the trials and travails of the contemporary author. As if that were not enough, General Surgery and Surgeons General also premieres a few excerpts from the forthcoming Kat Cataclysm debut novel 99 Erics.

the book can be purchased at:
  • CreateSpace (which offers the best royalties for the author)
  • (where you can “Look Inside” the book by clicking on the cover)
You can listen to readings of four of the chapters on YouTube:
If you want to book Kat Cataclysm for a reading or performance, please contact Julia Serano, and she will be happy to put the two of you in touch. Otherwise, you can follow Kat’s musings and misadventures via her:

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