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Note: my blog identifies as a “Blog-Born-Blog”. This means that it is was born and socialized as a blog, unlike your blog. While your blog may identify as a blog, live as a blog, and may face the same anti-blog discrimination that my blog faces, my blog believes that your blog isn’t nearly as oppressed. After all, your blog may call itself a “blog”, but it never had a bloghood like mine had. You should know that this is a “blog-born-blog”-only webspace, which means that my blog doesn't want so-called pseudo-“blogs” like yours around. But rather than say this to your face, my blog will instead insist that this webpage was always meant to be a place for other “blog-born-blog”s to get together and reminisce about our bloghoods - a bloghood that your blog unfortunately was not unfortunate enough to have had. However, don’t you dare accuse my blog of being prejudice against your blog, because if you do, my blog will claim that “blog-born-blog” is a legitimate webpage-identity. That way, if your blog challenges the policy, my blog will accuse your blog of disrespecting its identity, and then it can retaliate by disrespecting your blog’s identity as a “blog”. Face it, it’s a lose-lose situation for your blog...

so here is my current blog, circa 2011 - present. I had a previous blog on LiveJournal (see below), which is sadly dying a slow death. So, in August 2011, I transferred most of the “best” posts over to this new blog, which is hosted by Blogger/Blogspot.

FYI, my blog posts are automatically forwarded to both my Facebook page and my my Twitter account. Enjoy!

note: on some browsers this blog window may look funky - if you have trouble reading it, you can find a much clearer version directly on my Blogspot site.

so here is my old LiveJournal blog, circa 2007 - 2011. Like I said, I transferred most of the “best” posts over to the new blog, but this old one has a number of extra posts, plus all of the original comments. So for posterity’s sake, I am leaving it up here. Once again, if you have trouble reading it, you can find a much clearer version directly on my Live Journal site.

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